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Topics Covered by The Advocacy Skills Workshop

Keeping a Strengths-Based Lenses

A strength-based approach creates opportunity for people to see themselves at their best in order to see their own value. This reflects inherent wisdom and encourages continued growth and self-advocacy for the future as people are able to focus on their strengths rather than their negative characteristics.

Increasing Your Cultural Competencies

By better understanding the cultural and historical framework of the person you are supporting, you will help draw connections to healthy support systems within that individual's context. This honors and values their experience and meets their specific needs instead of applying a uniform approach that is limited in perspective and wisdom. 

Growing Your CSEC Awareness

The very real and present danger of the commercial and sexual exploitation is an important topic for advocates to increase their awareness. Learning how to increase self-agency and self-efficacy in a healthy peer relationship creates buffering supports that help establish sense of self and boundary setting, which decreases the potential for human trafficking.  

Using Trauma-Informed Advocacy Techniques

Some traditional models of human support use a top-down method, telling a person what they should do instead of valuing their internal wisdom. Trauma-informed advocacy techniques apply unconditional positive regard for the individual and create the felt safety required to reveal the next best steps.

Additional Details

6-hour training via Zoom

9AM - 3:30PM

(30 minute lunch break)

Will be recorded for
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Registration is $115/person

Includes 2 months of the TraumaWise Connect Membership ($50 value)

You'll learn:


How to provide support that develops strengths


Trauma-informed advocacy techniques


The value of witness and with-ness when participating in meetings with your caregiver/client


Steps for increasing your communication skills, including active listening and effective communication with others


Specific tools for creating your emotional self-care plan to ensure sustainability in your advocacy

About the Advocate Program

The goal of the TraumaWise® Advocate Program is to provide individualized practical application experiences to families and caregivers so that they can develop greater capacity for implementing trauma-informed and TBRI®-based practices in their homes or other contexts. The program will accomplish this through the equipping and development of TraumaWise® Advocates – community members who have are ready to provide practical coaching, support, and advocacy.

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