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TraumaWise Training and Workshops - More than just information!

Embark on a journey to deepen your understanding of trauma and its impacts with TraumaWise’s expert-led workshops. Whether you're a participating in education, healthcare, community leadership, or any other space or place, our courses are designed to equip you with the tools and insights needed to create supportive, resilient, and inclusive environments.

TraumaWise Environments

TraumaWise Environments

Our flagship course that started it all!

Join the over 10,000 people who have increased their awareness of the impact, prevention, and healing of trauma through these accessible workshops and sessions.

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Introduction to Trauma-Informed Practices (2-hour)

This workshop offers a foundational exploration of trauma-informed practices tailored to various settings including general workplaces, classrooms, and community spaces. Participants will gain an understanding of the key principles of trauma awareness and responsiveness. This session is ideal for enhancing empathy, reducing re-traumatization, and fostering a supportive environment for all.

Introduction and Application of Practices Workshop (4-hours)

Dive deeper into trauma-informed care with this interactive workshop, which combines introductory concepts with practical application strategies. Designed for active participants and leaders in educational, community, and workplace settings, this session will provide tools and interventions that can be immediately implemented to create safer and more nurturing environments.

Add-on Modules (1-hour)

available to add to the 2- or 4-hour Practices Training

  • Why Felt Safety is Always the First Step
  • Preventing Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
  • Demystifying Stages of Development
  • Living Compass Assessment for Wellness
  • Self and Community Care Practices for Sustainability
  • Why Attachment Strategies Overrule Planning
  • How We Impact the Brain of the Person In Front of Us
  • Neurosequential Attachment and Executive Functioning
  • The Collective Trauma of COVID and What it Means
  • Why Addressing Grief and Loss is Essential
  • How Trauma is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Issue

Adversity and Resiliency

Empower Change with ACEs Insights: Tools for Healing and Resilience

Unlock the power of understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) through our specialized workshops designed to revolutionize how communities can prevent and heal trauma. Each session is tailored to deepen your knowledge, enhance assessment skills, and expand your ability to foster resilience in those affected by trauma. Explore our curated list of ACE-focused workshops and begin your journey towards creating lasting change.

  • Not Broken

  • Self-Healing Communities

  • Trauma-Informed Assessments

  • Resiliency Assessments

Meet Renae

Renae M. Dupuis  Founder and CEO of TraumaWise

Renae M. Dupuis, M.Div., is an influential advocate and educator dedicated to trauma-informed care. With over a decade of experience in caring for trauma-impacted youth, Renae has emerged as a prominent figure in trauma healing and resilience-building.

Renae's profound dedication to equipping individuals, organizations, and communities with trauma-informed practices has garnered recognition and respect in the field. Her involvement in creating trauma-informed spaces and places through TraumaWise showcases her commitment to empowering individuals to navigate their healing journey with compassion and resilience.


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