TraumaWise Advocate Program Application

Application Process
  • The Winter 2024 Cohort application is available below and will stay open until December 20, 2023.
  • This application collects current and historical information from community members who would like to enter the TraumaWise Advocate Program. The application does not require payment with submission. Payment (or payment arrangements) will be requested following the acceptance into the program.
  • Upon acceptance into the Advocate Program, participants will receive a brief Learning Agreement for review and signature. When the signed Learning Agreement is returned, the participant will receive a log-in to access their Advocate Portal, which contains access to all materials and community members participating in the process.
Training Process
  • The training process will take 3-6 months to complete and the Advocates will be traveling through the learning journey as a cohort, each participant will have an individualized learning plan based on their own previous exposure to and practice of Trauma-Informed and TBRI-based principles in their contexts.
  • Learning experiences will be both online/virtual and in-person. We best learn within community and we look forward to gathering with our participants.
  • A formal mentorship will be established with a local TraumaWise Trainer, TraumaWise Activator, or TBRI Practitioner and participation in Advocate Cohort meetings will be required.
ComPLETION & "Graduation"

The target date for completion for the Winter will be July/Aug 2024

This IS a cohort-based learning model, which means that timing of live sessions will be based on the progress of the group.
TraumaWise Advocate Application - Winter 2024
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