Self-Care Experience Guide for Facilitators and Participants

Thank you for your interest in facilitating methods of self-care for those in your world. We are so pleased to share with you the Self-Care Experience Guide. With this guide, you will be able to facilitate a gathering varied sizes to introduce and support increased wellness in your community.

Included is a list of several ways to guide others in meaningful exercises that engage the senses and calm the mind. Lists of materials and suggestions for the atmosphere have been provided to assist you in creating an environment that is primed for the participants.

Our goal for this guide is that everyone will be able to focus and engage with practices that allow them to fully experience the exercises and begin to explore the development of their personal self-care routine.

These simple practices can be adapted for a variety of environments with the goal of resilience in mind. When adapting exercises or practices, keep participants' needs in mind and be aware of environmental factors that may detract from each individual's experience.

We ask that you do not share this guide beyond your community; instead, please refer interested parties to the TraumaWise Shop.

Self-Care Experience Download Guide for Facilitators and Participants: $27