What Is The TraumaWise Advocate Program?

Why This Program?

The goal of the TraumaWise Advocate Program is to provide individualized practical application experiences to families and caregivers so that they can develop greater capacity for implementing Trauma-Informed and TBRI®-based Principles and Strategies in their homes or other contexts.

The program accomplish this through the equipping and development of TraumaWise Advocates – community members who have are ready to provide practical coaching, support, and advocacy.

What does a traumaWise advocate do?

The TraumaWise Advocate’s main role is to journey alongside caregivers (of any type) who have received Trauma-Informed and/or TBRI® caregiving training and practically support the caregiver's implementation of Trauma-Informed and TBRI®-based practices within their specific context. This is accomplished by the Advocate through coaching, coordinating, and creating context for community for the caregiver.

What are the Parameters of the Program?

The TraumaWise Advocate Program will open applications for the first cohort in August 2023, beginning instruction in January 2024. The educational experiences will include both online/virtual and in-person training. 

Applications for 2024 Cohort A will close on December 20, 2023.

The registration fee for the first cohort is $750. This fee covers technology, materials, mentoring, and supplies. Limited partial scholarships and corporate group packages are available. 

Should I apply to become a TraumaWise Advocate?

 The ideal candidate to become an Advocate is:

  • A currently participating community member in a relational serving role
  • Someone with a personal intersection with Trauma-Informed and/or TBRI principles
  • A person who is open to entering a mentored relationship with a TraumaWise Trainer, TraumaWise Activator, or TBRI Practitioner
  • Someone who already is or is ready to be connected to a local TraumaWise Community, Trauma-Informed Community of Care, or TBRI Collaborative effort

The Advocate Training Process



The application to become a TraumaWise Advocate Candidate is open for four cohorts a year. Applications will be reviewed and processed on a rolling basis. 


Match to Mentor & Team

Applicants will join one of the regionally located cohort teams and be matched with a Mentor who will provide mentorship, guidance, and practical application experiences in the local context.


Personal Learning Plan

Each applicant will have a personal learning plan based on previous exposure to and practice of Trauma-Informed and/or TBRI®-based Principles and Strategies. 

Learning areas include advocacy, mandated reporting, personal attachment styles, and sustainability planning.


Support Your Community

Following completion of the training process, Advocates and Trainers/ Activators/ Practitioners will work together to equip their local community.

Here’s our Awesome Mentor Team!

All TraumaWise Advocate Candidates are matched with a TraumaWise Trainer, TraumaWise Activator, or TBRI Practitioner for their training and service journey. Just as healing doesn't happen in isolation, sustainable learning and change happens in community, too!

Casey Clark

TBRI Practitioner

Mentor applications will open soon!

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