Want to Provide Help That Actually Helps?

Are you a person who gives a care, but is concerned you don't have what it takes to help?

Worried you might inadvertently cause harm?

Join us for "Help That Helps" - a free Webinar for People Who Care

15th February 2024

1:00 PM Pacific Time


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What you Get from "Help that Helps"

An Empowering Hour for You!

Join us at TraumaWise for our "Help That Helps" webinar. This Live session is specially designed for caregivers, professionals in trauma-informed care, volunteers working with vulnerable populations, individuals in human services, and anyone who wants to help other humans. We will delve into the art of meaningful advocacy and effective support, enhancing skills crucial for anyone seeking to provide empathetic and impactful support in various settings.

Practical Support Strategies

Discover the Seven Promises that outline how to be a 'Safe Person,' providing a framework for responding to others in ways that affirm their strength, respect their autonomy, and prioritize their well-being.

Connection to a Supportive Community

Join a network of like-minded individuals passionate about making a difference, providing an opportunity for ongoing learning, support, and collaboration.

Tools for Personal and Professional Growth

Not only will you learn how to support others more effectively, but you'll also gain insights and strategies that contribute to your own personal and professional development, enhancing your emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

Key Topics

  • Helpful Advocacy: Understand the essence and impact of your advocacy efforts.
  • Safe Person Principles: Learn the Seven Promises to be a beacon of support.
  • Motivational Interviewing & Active Listening: Enhance your ability to listen and respond in ways that truly empower those you help.

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Your webinar host

Renae M. Dupuis

Renae is the heart and soul behind TraumaWise. Her passion for trauma-informed training and professional development was born from personal experiences that ignited a desire to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Having witnessed the challenges her own family faced while seeking trauma-informed support, she recognized the urgent need for change in broken systems.

With lived experience and a profound understanding of complex developmental trauma, Renae is committed to guiding you in your quest to create trauma-informed communities. Her journey spans over a decade, during which she has had the privilege of teaching and impacting more than 10,000 individuals worldwide.

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