Are You TraumaWise + Ready?

Trauma impacts lives deeply, but with the right support and knowledge, healing and growth are within reach.

The TraumaWise + Ready Certification Program is designed to equip you with the tools and skills needed to make a tangible difference in your local context.

Bring your lived-experience and trauma wisdom and let's get you ready to make shift happen!

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Why TraumaWise + Ready?

The most sustainable system healing comes from within.

Our TraumaWise + Ready Certification Program equips people with lived-experience to bring hope, community, and practical tools to transform broken systems.

Just a few of the benefits...

Personal Growth

  • Develop skills that enrich both your professional and personal life.
  • Increase your capacity for compassion.

Cohort of Experts

  • All participants in the program bring knowledge and wisdom from their own experiences, creating a wealth of resources and expertise from which to learn and grow.
  • Learning occurs in a cohort model - you aren't left to fend on your own. 

Community Impact

  • No matter which pathway you choose, you will be equipped to directly contribute to healing and resilience in your community.

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TraumaWise Facilitator

Be the First Step in Someone's Healing Journey

TW Facilitators serve as the first line of support for those embarking on their trauma-healing journey. They form the bedrock of a community of felt-safety by establishing safe and nurturing environments where individuals can openly discuss their experiences and emotions.

This program equips participants with the skills and knowledge required to lead the 6-week Wellness Circle sessions. Facilitators will delve deep into the techniques of motivational interviewing, fostering safe environments, and managing group dynamics to ensure constructive dialogue.

  • 6-Week Training | $50 Investment
  • Benefits: Master group leadership, understand motivational interviewing, create safe spaces.
  • Outcome: Certified to lead Wellness Circle sessions, enhanced communication skills (Other curriculums and programs to be added to the library). 


TraumaWise Advocate

Bridge the Gap: Be the Voice of Trauma-Informed Care

  • 3-6 Month Training | $750 Investment
  • Benefits: Acquire skills to support educators and caregivers, enhance leadership.
  • Outcome: Recognized as a community leader, improved community resilience.
  • Currently accepting applications for 2024 Cohort A (applications close 12/20/2023)


TraumaWise Trainer

Teach, Inspire, Transform: Become a TraumaWise Trainer

  • 6-9 Months of Training Time
  • Program Fee starts at $2,000

Gain in-depth knowledge and training skills, access a vast wealth of community experience, and participation in collaborative events.

  • Certification in TraumaWise Learning sessions
  • Increased teaching capacity and practices
  • Opportunity to make income from teaching TraumaWise Curriculum
  • Partnership in TraumaWise Trainers Network
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Currently accepting applications for 2024 Cohort A
(applications close 12/20/2023)


TraumaWise Activator

Coming Soon: Lead Sustainable Change as a TraumaWise Activator

  • 9-12 Month Training | Starting at $4,000
  • Key Focus: Advanced trauma knowledge, coaching techniques, building support structures.
  • Outcome: Leading figure in trauma-informed initiatives, driving community change.

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Whether you are drawn to facilitating healing circles, advocating for trauma-informed practices, training others in this vital field, or leading sustainable initiatives as an Activator, there is a place for you in the TraumaWise ecosystem.

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