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Wellness Circle Facilitator

Be part of creating a safe space and time for people to engage in transformational change

As a Wellness Circle Facilitator, you will be walking alongside people sharing their journey by offering compassionate listening, time-tested information, and gentle encouragement. This program is based on the belief that people innately know what is good for them yet, with all that pulls on their time and energy, they don’t always do what they know is best and what they desire for themselves.

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We find that many people frequently report feeling isolated, confused, and that they have no one to be totally honest with about their lives. The people we speak with often tell us that they feel alone and even embarrassed that things in their lives are not going smoothly.

Social media can easily give the impression that others have it all together. This is not true, of course, but they do not know this because they rarely have the time or the level of trust with others to be real and share the truth. This also means that they seldom have authentic sources of support.

This program reflects our commitment to help people come together, to be honest and vulnerable about life, and with the coaching of the facilitator and the support of others, make the changes they feel would benefit them.

At its core, a Wellness Circle—which is what you will be facilitating—is a space you will help create for others where they can reflect upon their lives. The Wellness Circle and the coaching you offer, as well as the tools and support you’ll provide, will make a big difference in people’s lives. As a facilitator, you will be coaching people as they generate and take intentional steps toward a happier, healthier life.

The training process is at your pace and will give you all the resources you need to create safe places and spaces for people to access their internal wisdom on their wellness journey.

Access to training materials are delivered within 24 hours of your registration.



  • Free Participation in 6-week Wellness Circle
  • On-demand training portal
  • Access to Mentorship with Certified Community Wellness Advocate
  • Full access to Facilitator Tools and Resources
  • Full access to all Participant Material

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