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Renae M. Dupuis
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As a person who cares, I’d be willing to bet that “avoiding burnout” is pretty high on your list of goals for how to end this year.

You’ve already done the face mask and the coffee break, you’ve done at least one trauma-informed training, and now you’re ready for more. You want to find a sustainable system solution filled with practical tools.

I’ve found that to access your internal wisdom, you usually need to have these 3 things:

1. Felt-Safety
While we are walking alongside people who are on a healing journey, we know that no lasting healing occurs when people are experiencing a lack of felt-safety. The truth is that when our brains and bodies are focused on staying safe, there are fewer resources and energy available to do that healing work, and sometimes the lack of safety can even re-injure. This can make the caregiving journey feel like it is never going to move to the next phase – it’s so frustrating!

2. Connection
Strengthening your connection to your authentic self and to other healthy people will give you the support that is needed when on a caregiving journey. The seat of mental health and whole-person wellness is activated and developed through our connections with others. Experiences may disrupt that connection, weakening our access to the parts of us that cope and lead us to clear strategies.

3. Co-Regulation
When we start to feel a stress response, it’s going to go one of two ways; either to where we can regulate our brains and bodies, or where we have moved outside of that capacity. Our best functioning comes when we have developed strategies for getting our needs met in healthy ways, and that is always done in relationship.

When we increase any of these in our individual systems and the ecosystems around us, we begin to create an environment in which we see healing, resilience, and the kind of sustainability required to maintain access to the best of ourselves.

That’s why I’m so excited that we’ll have whole days dedicated to all three of these areas of TraumaWise practices during The Becoming TraumaWise Summit, a free, online event from November 9-11!

At the summit, you will hear from 15+ lived-experience speakers who share their personal and professional experiences, followed by actionable tools to help you find hope, community, and sustainability.

It’s the perfect way to increase capacity and compassion.

The Becoming TraumaWise Summit was created with people who care like you in mind to help you sustain in your caregiving journey.

Grab your free ticket to The Becoming TraumaWise Summit, and I’ll see you there!

If you can’t make it for the live event, or if you want to go deeper, you’ll have a chance to nab a TraumaWise ToolKit, which will set you up for a fantastic start to 2024.

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