Live Webinar

Help That Helps

Glad you could join us! Today you’ll get equipped to provide safe support to others!


What You'll Learn

This Live session is specially designed for caregivers, professionals in trauma-informed care, volunteers working with vulnerable populations, individuals in human services, and anyone who wants to help other humans.

We will delve into the art of meaningful advocacy and effective support, enhancing skills crucial for anyone seeking to provide empathetic and impactful support in various settings.

Part 1

Helpful Advocacy: Understand the essence and impact of your advocacy efforts.

Part 2

Safe Person Principles: Learn the Seven Promises to be a beacon of support.

Part 3

Motivational Interviewing & Active Listening: Enhance your ability to listen and respond in ways that truly empower those you help.

Part 4

Special Invitation to Increase Your Advocacy Skills

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