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Sep Summit Speaker Info Form (#31)

  • Contact Info
  • Welcome Care Package
  • ToolKit Information

Welcome Care Package

As you know, we will offer a free Welcome Care Package for all people who register for the Summit. We ask that all Speakers provide a practical tool that will provide an actionable step for participants to scaffold themselves and their environments after participating in the event.  -- This is the FREE package that all participants will receive --

If this is a tool that you currently charge for but are providing as a freebie as part of your presentation, please note the value of the tool.  This can be a worksheet, an assessment, an affirmation card printable, a mini-course, or a coloring sheet, or anything that you would like. 

Optional Opportunities

Are you interested in sponsorship information?
Are you interested in information about sponsoring the event? This can include anything from a simple Bingo prize sponsor with a feature to all attendees to more premier sponsorship opportunities

The TraumaWise ToolKit Contribution

The TraumaWise ToolKit will be a value-packed addition to the presentations.  --  This is the paid package --

To make it even more valuable and to give you an additional way to collect attendee email addresses, we encourage you to provide a resource to add.

This includes things like:

  • Templates (most popular with attendees)
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Workbooks
  • Courses (big or small)
  • 1-month memberships

(Note: We do not recommend any type of 1:1 contribution due to high-volume.)

While this isn’t required, it’s highly encouraged that you participate. It’s a great way to collect hundreds of additional email addresses (as attendees will provide their information to claim your bonus) and it makes it easier to promote since your audience will want what you’ve included.

We'll also bump your affiliate commission for the event to 50% as an extra thank you.

We’d love information about your bonus as soon as you’re able to provide it, but the final version is not due until about 4 weeks before the summit starts. 

**Please note that attendees will be able to begin claiming resources as soon as promotion opens ~3 weeks before the Summit begins.

This can be something you already have created. Examples include courses, workbooks, workshops, training videos, 1-month memberships, eBooks, etc. (This is not required, but very much encouraged as it will help you collect extra email addresses!)

Be clear about what they’ll get and how it will help them.

Some type of image or mockup that will allow me to show off what you've contributed. If you don’t have one we’ll use a stock photo.