You can't give what you don't have... are worth the time it takes to engage in care that renews your capacity

We invite you to take time for

Our compassion expansion events are 3-hour sessions of community and self-care practices delivered on location or via Zoom.

We create a safe space for participants to learn about and consider compassion fatigue and secondary trauma. 

Each event includes custom breakout workshops to introduce and practice care experiences that can be replicated within home and work environments to sustain care and combat burnout, compassion fatigue, and toxic stress.

What people are saying

What Participants Experience

Customized participation in a variety of care-experience workshops

Personalized care-packages curated with a variety of self-care products, as well as materials required for participation in selected workshops

Follow-on materials provided with referrals to local and virtual options for sustaining care and increasing capacity for resilience

Protected time and space to engage in necessary practices and strategies for creating margin

Who This is For


If you care for a person in front of you, you ARE a Caregiver. Which means that your compassion and attunement comes at a cost to you.

How do you stay in that compassionate mindset and open to continuing to help? By expanding your capacity for compassion and filling you up! 

Let's get you renewed and refilled!


Our teacher and education team members are deeply invested in helping brains and bodies to develop in healthy ways - a process that takes time, effort, and attention with consistency. 

And it's exhausting. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to refresh your compassion to sustain you in your essential work!


Did you know that compassion fatigues isn't just about our engagement with others, but also a concern for our relationship with ourselves?

Yes, you actually matter to you, too!

This is an opportunity to take stock of what might need to change in the care and keeping of you!

YOUR people are worth it.

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Care Experience Examples

Self-Care Painting Workshop

This self-care workshop is designed to create an opportunity for participants to express how they feel on the inside through the creation of a painting. Join us for a time of creativity, relaxation, and community building

Breath and Meditation

Our breath connects the body and the mind. You are invited to a restorative breath and meditation practice to calm the heart, mind, body, and soul with scripture and prayer (Christian Faith-based content).

Start your Self-care Planner

Learning about self-care practices can be fun, but we know that unless we make a plan, it likely won't become part of our habits or routines. Join us for a practical session of creating your own self-care planner, customized just for you, by you!


Participants will engage in a tangible activity that will help eliminate self-destructive talk. This method is focused on getting rid of doubts, insecurities, what you have been called, what you are afraid of, and an overall negative self-image that has occurred within the past year or even a lifetime.


What is the schedule for this event?

The event is a 3-hour experience. 

The first hour is a large-group learning time where we unpack the causes, effects, and prevention of burnout and compassion fatigue.

The next two hours are care experience workshops. Each participant chooses from the available workshops for each session and will be provided the appropriate materials to engage in the experience.

What if I get a little overwhelmed with the feels?

We're all about autonomy, choice, and voice!

If you would rather observe than participate in the workshop, or if you would prefer to opt-out at any time, a space will be provided for your personal processing and comfort. This whole experience is for YOUR wellness and mental health - we don't want you to be stressed out!

I would love to bring my kids - can they come?

We love kids and youth!

AND...we know that the caregiving relationship means that the presence of our younger community members can keep us from being able to provide the care to ourselves that we really need, so we will ask that children 15 and younger sit this one out. 

Please put your oxygen mask on before attempting to help those around you.

Is this a faith-based event?

When considering whole-person care, the spirituality dimension cannot be removed from the process of complete health, so the answer is "yes!"

Honoring that expression of spirituality is individually and communally developed, we hold that authentic and healthy humans can respectfully express their belief system without negating another person's traditions or interpretations, so we encourage people to bring their whole selves to this event. If your expression of healthy self includes religion or spiritual reflection, that's an important part of bringing wholeness to your being, and we are here for it.

Also, we have an expectation that all participants will engage in Unconditional Positive Regard for all other humans in the room. 

You are worth it.

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