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I’m Your Host, Renae

Renae M. Dupuis, M.Div (she/her), is the Founder and Chief Enculturation Officer of TraumaWise. She is an influential advocate and educator dedicated to trauma-informed care. With over a decade of experience in caring for trauma-impacted youth, Renae has emerged as a prominent figure in trauma healing and resilience-building.

Renae’s profound dedication to equipping individuals, organizations, and communities with trauma-informed practices has garnered recognition and respect in the field. Her involvement in creating trauma-informed spaces and places through TraumaWise showcases her commitment to empowering individuals to navigate their healing journey with compassion and resilience.

Bill Barberg


President & Founder of InsightFormation, Inc

Bill Barberg is the President & Founder of InsightFormation, Inc., a consulting and technology company based in Minnesota. He has trained and coached several cutting-edge and internationally recognized efforts to lead system change, enhance Collective Impact, and improve the social determinants of health.He wrote the chapter on “Implementing Population Health Strategies” for the book, “Solving Population Health Problems through Collaboration” (Routledge, 2017). Mr. Barberg launched the Population Health Learning Collaborative ( in 2018 and has organized or delivered dozens of highly rated webinars via that knowledge-sharing platform. In 2021, he led the development of the ACEs & Resilience Resource Commons for Communities (ARRCC), built on the same technology platform as Wikipedia. He co-authored the peer-reviewed article on “Leading Social Transformations: Creating Public Value and Increasing the Common Good” in the Journal of Change Management (2021) that featured the case study of transforming the family justice system in Canada.

Chris Haughee



Rev. Dr. Chris Haughee is a native of the Pacific Northwest and has over 30 years of diverse ministry experience.

Beginning with camp counseling, mentoring, and youth ministry, he helped pioneer practical trauma-informed ministry implementation for the local church. He served as a chaplain in a Montana residential facility for emotionally disturbed children from 2012 to 2020 while pursuing a Doctorate in Trauma-Informed Ministry at Multnomah Biblical Seminary.

Chris now serves as Donor Development Manager at Mirror Ministries, advocating for victims of domestic sex trafficking and raising support. Concurrently, he pastors a small church in Richland, Washington. As a writer, speaker, trainer, and teacher, he is dedicated to helping individuals discover their purpose while forging significant connections and building a lasting legacy.

Daniel Ramos


Lived-Experience Mentor and Student

Daniel is the host of the podcast, Finding God Again, a podcast about reconciling and healing from church hurt after deconstruction.

He is also a current MFT Student at Hope International University. For the past 8 years, he has been involved in youth ministry within local church contexts, leaving during the COVID-19 pandemic as he started to deconstruct his faith heavily. Additionally, he was involved in various trauma-informed programming, specifically with emancipated youth whom he served as a mentor for 4+ years. Daniel now manage 3 youth programs in Orange County at a nonprofit where he guide youth towards discovering the best versions of themselves and changing their communities through radical love.

He currently hold two trauma-informed practictionerships in Trust-Based Relational Intervention and Healing Centered Engagement as is preparing to see clients as an MFT trainee this coming summer.

Elizabeth Power



Elizabeth Power, “The Voice of Lived Experience,” brings field-tested practical wisdom, tools that work, and content she molds to each event. She speaks to combined audiences of thousands of people annually and is sought after as a facilitator online and on site.

From a childhood with multiple types of adverse experiences to an educator whose experience-informed work in trauma is used on every continent except Antarctica, Power’s focus is on reducing the time, trauma, and costs of healing for everyone involved.

Power is an Adjunct Instructor in Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center and a Fulbright Specialist in Trauma Informed Care. When she’s not on the platform speaking or helping people learn, you’ll find her in her Nashville TN garden talking to the honeybees!

Jesse Faris



Jesse has been working with children & families since graduating from Auburn University with a BS in Human Development & Family studies in 2002. She married her husband Nick in 2006, and they have two daughters through adoption.

Jesse and her husband began training with Empowered to Connect in 2004. After a decade staying home with her daughters, Jesse came on staff with ETC in 2021 as a Training Specialist.

She now works as a Special Projects Coordinator, managing projects that involve ETC programs across the state & globe while continuing to train new facilitators in ETC’s Cultivate Connection parenting curriculum and creating new resources for parents & families.

Kris Holmes


Youth Minister at House Church Tulsa

Kris is a queer, single parent, and youth minister who believes strongly in the drive for reform in how we show up for our young people, especially in a ministry setting and environment. 

Kris has been in the Ministry Spaces on and off since 2004 and in full-time ministry as well as bi-vocational leadership.

They currently serve as the Youth Minister at House Church Tulsa and is actively upskilling through a program at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Kyle Blake


Lutheran Pastor to the People of Long Beach, CA

Pastor Kyle Blake is a passionate communicator and community advocate with over 20 years of experience. He believes that everyone has value and worth, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they have done in their past. This belief is lived out as he walks alongside, and builds relationship with, the community in which he serves. He currently serves as the Associate Pastor of Community and Connection at Bethany Lutheran Church in Long Beach. It is in his role that he is tasked with building up the church and leading it into the community to build relationships with, love, serve, and bless community members as, together, they seek the betterment of life for all. 

He has a passion for walking with formerly incarcerated and gang impacted individuals that was born out of a neighborhood Bible study that he hosted, in his home, for local gang members and their families. It was there, sitting around his dining room table, he began to realize that these men and women were not any different than him. He also realized that there was a need for a community of people in Long Beach who are willing to walk with formerly incarcerated and gang impacted individuals and help them realize they have value and worth, despite their affiliation or criminal record. As a result of this realization, he is working with some local individuals to develop a community founded on kinship and support for formerly incarcerated and gang impacted individuals, and their families. A community that seeks to empower these individuals, through trauma-informed relationships, aid them in the healing and rehabilitation process and help them realize their giftedness.

Pastor Kyle currently lives in North Long Beach with his wife and two sons.

Leisa Bennett


Founder of Beyond Behaviour Community Services

Leisa is a Dharug Woman of the Gattai Clan, and also descended from the Darkinjung Tribe of Western Sydney in New South Wales. She founded Beyond Behaviour Community Services in July 2020 after having served families across multiple human services roles over 20 years.

Leisa is passionate about partnering with families on their healing journey and prioritises preserving family connections and a strong authentic sense of identity. Leisa is a Clinical Counsellor, and so delivers services with a therapeutic approach.

Leisa lives and works on Quandamooka Country in South East Queensland, however, she fulfils her cultural custodial obligations, regularly returning to country (Dharug Country) to care for Country and share with Mudyin (family) and community. Caring for country and one another is ‘reciprocity’ and essential in a collectivist culture.

Leisa is dedicated to closing the gaps that have created barriers and disadvantages for First people’s and works diligently towards reconciliation.

Lindy Green-Johnson


LCSW, Trauma Educator

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Lindy’s heartbeat is to help others find healing and advocate for relational restoration. Lindy believes there is GREAT hope for our relational health when we are willing to do heart and hard work.

Lindy has seen the powerful freedom and restoration that can take place when we learn about trauma and attachment – concepts that most certainly touch each of our lives.

Margery Arnold



Margery Arnold earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology at Texas A&M University and is a Licensed Psychologist in California.

Margery is passionate about all the things humans can do for and with each other to bring healing and compassion to those of us with mental illness. She currently focuses her energy to help parishes start and sustain mental health ministries and serves on the founding board of the Association of Catholic Mental Health Ministers,

She is a certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor. Margery lives with her family in Southern California where she enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, and Pilates.

R. Alex Colston



R. Alex Colston's clinical experience expands from early childhood through adulthood, treating such issues as anxiety and depression, trauma, self-worth, relationship distress, and parenting.

He believes that finding the way back to worthiness is the bravest thing anyone can do. 

Specialty licenses and training include Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of KY, Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRIⓇ)Practitioner, and Making Sense of Your Worth Facilitator.

Sarah Brewer


Photographer, Fitness Coach, Speaker

Sarah Brewer is a photographer and event planner residing in Boise, Idaho. She believes that living authentic lives can empower the world to heal, and to change for the better. She plans to pursue public speaking as a full-time passion with over 7 years of speaking through university and leading multiple business groups.

She was recently nominated for Idaho's Best for her photography business, and gives credit to the ability to make people feel comfortable in their own skin, and be fearless doing so. You can find her spending her time enjoying the outdoors, traveling the world, and hosting events that foster connection with the people around her.

Sharon Wegman


Licensed Professional Counselor, Group Practice Owner, Trauma-Coaching for Ministry Leaders

Sharon Wegman, LPC, EMDR-c, owns a group counseling practice and is the founder of The Trauma Informed Ministry Training and Coaching.

She specializes in collaborating with faith-based leaders to help them effectively serve their diverse communities. This training program educates and empowers religious leaders and ministries on best practices in self-care and others.

Sue Shaw


Licensed Professional Counselor, Group Practice Owner, Trauma-Coaching for Ministry Leaders

Sue has supported people with developmental disabilities, and extensive behavior needs, for 34 years. She opened the first 24 hour residential site in Missouri for people moving from habilitation centers and back into the community as a 23 year old house manager. Sue supported her father in law as he received hospice services in her home. She was the Associate Director of a program that supported 45 adults with extensive behavior needs.

Seven years ago, her son asked her to take in a classmate who had been unhomed. He has CPTSD, and was suicidal (shared with permission, always). It has been quite a journey. Since then, she has hosted seven more young adults in her home who had no safe place to go, most have experienced trauma. Sue went back to research the science behind her lived experience.

Two years ago, she began to teach about trauma. She teaches using stories, and lived experience.

Wendy McMahan


President of For the Children

As President of For The Children, Wendy McMahan mobilizes the local Church to serve children who have experienced relational trauma. Through Royal Family KIDS Camp and Mentoring, churches create life-changing moments for children in 43 U.S. states and 9 countries.

Wendy has over 20 years of experience serving vulnerable children. In the United States, she has led child welfare programs along a full continuum of care, including child abuse prevention, foster care, family reunification, and adoption. Previously, she facilitated church partnerships for the benefit of vulnerable children and families in developing countries. She holds a M.S. from Texas A&M University and is a Practitioner of Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). Wendy brings a passion for life change and a love for the Church. She and her husband Tim were foster parents for nine years and are the parents of three daughters.

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