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'No' is a Complete Sentence: Creating Grace and Space After Trauma

Sometimes after a trauma or a traumatic season, we find ourselves unable to function in the way we have been able to in the past.

Lindy shares with us how to increase our compassion for ourselves and others by communicating healthy boundaries and being honest about our capacities while we are healing.

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Understand how trauma and toxic stress can affect your parenting Webinar - This is a 30 minute webinar about trauma. Viewers will learn a few basics about what trauma is, how it affects us, tools to move forward, and how to reconnect within relationships.

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About Lindy Green Johnson

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Lindy's heartbeat is to help others find healing and advocate for relational restoration. Lindy believes there is GREAT hope for our relational health when we are willing to do heart and hard work. Lindy has seen the powerful freedom and restoration that can take place when we learn about trauma and attachment - concepts that most certainly touch each of our lives.

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