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About the Presentation - Felt Security: Building it in Yourself and Others

This presentation explains how felt security develops in childhood as well as discusses different ways that trauma can affect felt security. Dr. Arnold explains how felt security might present itself in different ways and with a variety of behaviors. The goals of the presentation are to help the audience understand that felt security is interior and personal to each body regardless of the experiences in the present moment.

Felt security is built through repeated patterns of noticing a human need and meeting the need. Felt security cannot be built without discomfort and risk taking. Felt security gives humans the freedom to explore, learn, grow, and love. The presenter asks the audience to reflect on who are the people that help them to feel safe.

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  • Download the Seeing Needs & Meeting Needs Tool to help you to create a plan for self-regulation and co-regulation for yourself and for others.

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About Margery Arnold

Margery Arnold earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology at Texas A&M University and is a Licensed Psychologist in California.

Margery is passionate about all the things humans can do for and with each other to bring healing and compassion to those of us with mental illness. She currently focuses her energy to help parishes start and sustain mental health ministries and serves on the founding board of the Association of Catholic Mental Health Ministers,

She is a certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor. Margery lives with her family in Southern California where she enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, and Pilates.

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